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Tan-Tastic Skincare with Bali Body and Tan Luxe

I couldn’t be more delighted at the Summer we’ve been having here in the UK this year, because as you’ll probably know, I am an absolute sun worshipper and love to make the most of good weather because I’m one of those annoying people who tans easily, and I truly believe I look about 300% better with a suntan. However with my crazy work hours it hasn’t always been possible to get out and into the sun to maximise my tanning time over the past couple of months – so in order to help me maintain the Summer glow I’ve been working on whenever I do get the chance – I’ve been using a couple of products to help me along the way and I thought I’d share my not-so-secret tanning tips with you.

Over the years I’ve tried numerous different brands of self tanner, tinted moisturiser, tan enhancer…. you name it. Some have been good, some have been terrible and some have lingered on my skin weeks after I’d rather forget that they ever existed. So I’d like to think I’m somewhat of an expert when it comes to home tanning products. I’ve recently discovered Bali Body – Australia’s Number 1 Sun Care and Skincare range – and I’ve been using their Bronzing Lotion on my body to give me a subtle, natural glow when my schedule means I can’t sit in the park for a couple of hours to achieve the same thing! Bali Body sells a product worldwide every 45 seconds, and after using this Lotion for a few weeks now I can see why. It’s enriched with anti-oxidants and Vitamin E, so it feels ultra-moisturising on my skin, leaves a subtle and natural glow, and most importantly doesn’t smell bad or stain my sheets!

Have a look below at the comparison photos – I used Bali Body Bronzing Lotion on only half of my body – have a look at the difference in colour – enough to be obvious that I have a tan, but to too over the top to look orange or fake. I love it for everyday use, and for adding a glow for a night out, but one thing I will say is that because the tan is meant to look natural it does tend to streak if I have it on during a high intensity workout – so if I know I’m going to be sweating a lot I tend not to put it on – it’s more of man every day product rather than a deep, dramatic tan that lasts for days on end (that stinks like a rusty biscuit tin….!) I also love that Bali Body is cruelty free and Vegan.

In terms of a tanner for my face, I absolutely love Tan Luxe Tan Drops from Space NK. They’re amazing skincare (they contain Glycopeptides, Aloe Vera and Raspberry Seed Oil, as well as acting as a collagen booster). But best of all, they can be added to your usual moisturiser or skincare, and anything from 1-5 drops can be added so that you’re in control of how tanned you want to look. I generally mix two drops per night in with my usual night-time serum and find that it gives me a subtle, natural glow without compromising my skincare – in fact the anti ageing benefits of the Tan Luxe Drops boost what I’m already doing – bonus!

So to anyone thinking my tan was all natural – sorry to shatter the illusion! But it just goes to show – Bali Body and Tan Luxe are such great products that you’d be forgiven for thinking my colour comes from afternoons spent relaxing in Holland Park, rather than a few minutes in my bathroom every night! So if you’re finding it tough to get the time to make the most of our amazing London Summer Sunshine, then these two Wildcat Bathroom Cabinet staples could be just what you need to get your glow on.

Full Disclosure – I was sent the Bali Body Lotion to review, and bought and paid for the Tan Luxe Drops myself (and have done so for the past year).


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