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Stretching into 2019 with Homedics #ad

If there’s one New Years Resolution I’m determined to keep this year, it’s to stretch more and spend more time recovering in between training sessions. My body always feels so much better when I do and it really helps iron out any aches and niggles, as well as keeping me injury-free, and yet it’s something I neglect to do enough of when life gets busy. So when Homedics asked if I wanted to try their special Stretching Mat, I was intrigued to see if it could help me make post-workout more of a priority.

The mat itself is shorter than a traditional yoga mat, and is very comfortable to lie on. It is filled with precision controlled air chambers that inflate and deflate to add pressure to the spine, neck, hips and shoulders that mimic various yoga stretching routines – from Flow to Twist to Energise. There are 4 pre-programmed options of varying length, and all have different benefits and can be made more or less intense depending on personal preference. Personally the most intense option works best for me – the Energise sequence especially really helps to loosen up my mid and lower back, where I tend to carry a lot of my tension. The Energise sequence is also less than 10 minutes long, so absolutely no excuse to not fit it in several times a week!

Have a look at the Mat in action here:

I even managed to get my husband to have a go on the Homedics Back Stretching mat – he’s never done a single yoga class in his life, but said he felt immediately looser after trying the Flow programme (and I’ve caught him having a sneaky couple of goes since then too!)

The mat folds away neatly and doesn’t take up much space, but by far the best thing about it is that I can just relax whilst actually releasing tension and improving my flexibility at the same time. No-one (not even me!) can be too busy for that – and I can already see and feel the benefits in my training sessions after using the mat several times a week.

If you’re keen to start your New Year with the best intentions, then this Back Stretching Mat will definitely help you, and can be purchased here. Personally I can’t wait to start 2019 feeling more relaxed with my own personalised stretching routine – as long as I can wrestle the mat away from my husband!

Please note this is a Sponsored Post in association with Homedics UK.


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